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The First Screech Owl Chick Has Hatched

This year the screech owl pair we’ve been watching in Jensen Beach ended up having a total of 4 eggs. The first egg was laid on March 10, 2013, the second on March 13, third on March 15 and the fourth on March 17. The pair of owls we observed last year also had 4 eggs and three hatched so it will be interesting to see how many chicks are produced from this clutch. Here’s a look at the total clutch for 2013 On April 14, 2013, the first chick was hatched at the Jensen Beach owl box, a full 35 days since the first egg was laid on March 10. The average incubation time for screech owl...

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Screech Owl Activity Increasing!

Screech owl activity at the nesting box in Jensen Beach has ramped up. The female has been staying in the nest box during the daytime and preparing the nest at dusk before she goes out to hunt at night. This has been going on for the last several days and we expect to see the first egg arrive soon. The male has recently started to bring food to the female as she prepares the nest; another sure sign that the first egg will be laid soon. After the first egg is laid another egg will be laid every 2 to 3 days for a total of between 3 to 8 eggs. We’ll post new video as soon as the first egg...

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2013 Screech Owl nesting season is here!

After successfully documenting the nesting behavior of screech owls at our office in Jensen Beach, Florida in 2012 we decided to add another nesting box video camera with infrared lights in Melbourne Beach, Florida. During January both nesting boxes have been visited by screech owls and in Melbourne Beach, the owls have started preparing their nest (lots of scratching of the floor and moving nesting material around). While watching the videos make sure you have your sound turned up so you can hear their calls. They’re very vocal little birds! This is the first screech owl to check out...

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