Traveling Turtles: A Traveling Trunk Program

Local teachers can now request all the materials they need to run our lessons with real hands-on artifacts and tools of the trade. Traveling trunks are a great way to get kids interested in STEM initiatives through experiential learning. Trunks highlight our Turtle Treks 3rd-5th grade program, which has expanded to include 6th-8th grade as well.

Trunks may be rented for two weeks at a time and shared amongst teachers. They include skull replicas of the 5 sea turtles we see in Florida’s waters as well as a corresponding food item for each. Trunks also include 10 model turtles, 10 calipers, measuring tapes, a scale, and a lesson binder. The trunks can be used to bolster Lessons 1-4 of our 3rd-8th grade Turtle Treks program. Lesson 4: Rehab or Release places students in the role of biologist as they “work up” their own turtle with real biological tools and has them making assessments based on their observations. Also includes interactive video. You may choose to receive all four lessons or our “stand-alone” Lesson 4. NOTE: Trunk dimensions are 23″ H x 37 L x 23 W and the trunk weighs about 60 pounds so please bring a vehicle large enough for transport.  Someone will be able to assist you in loading and unloading.



Who can rent a trunk?
Teachers from Martin and St. Lucie school districts

Can the trunk be shipped?
Sorry, but our trunks are all-inclusive and too heavy to ship. We have two pick-up locations in Martin and St. Lucie County.

Can I rent the trunk longer than two weeks?
We can sometimes accommodate longer “rental” periods upon request.

What does it cost to borrow a trunk?
Absolutely nothing! The borrowing teacher will be responsible for late fees or damage fees.

Can I use the trunk without using all the lessons?
Sure! We have a stand-alone program that allows you to run ONLY our Rehab or Release (Lesson 4) without running through Lessons 1-3 first.

How many kids can the trunk lessons accommodate?
Lessons are set up to best cater to classrooms of around 20 students.

  • (Teachers can borrow for two weeks with extensions offered when possible)
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