Hungry Screech Owl Chicks!

Posted by on May 2, 2013 in Coastal Conservation, Coastal Species | 0 comments

Well, after some natural and technical difficulties the screech owl cam in Jensen Beach is finally back up and running. After the first chick hatched, honey bees forced the female out of the box for a whole day and the chick died of exposure.  To get rid of the bees we sprayed the box with soapy water and the female returned to incubate the three remaining eggs.  Shortly after that the SD card in the camera crashed so we had no way of saving video clips of the owls. We had to go into the box and replace the SD card. While we were doing this the female watched us carefully from a branch nearby, while the male was fast asleep not more than 5′ away from us on the ladder. Clearly the owls don’t see us as a threat and have become quite acclimated to our presence. So, we’re finally able to post some clips of the owls and their chicks. The rest of the chicks hatched out by the 17th of April and in 15 days have already doubled in size.  We’ve combined some video clips below that show the female and male bringing food to the chicks (make sure to turn up your sound). Last night between 8pm and 5am the adults hunted and brought the chicks a total of 8 geckos and 6 unidentified insects. We’ll post new videos in a couple of days so please check back to watch the chicks develop and fledge over the next couple of months.

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