Second Egg Arrives!

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The female laid her second egg of the 2013 season around 1 am on March 13th. The female had some interesting behavior minutes before we got our first look at the second egg (see videos below). This could be her actually laying the egg, but it’s hard to tell. The male has picked up the food delivery to the female (2 geckos and a moth) as she spends more time in the box incubating the eggs. During the day the male has perched himself closer to the nest box (picture below), a behavior we saw last year once egg laying had begun. This is the first look we’ve had of the male during the day and after looking at last year’s images we believe it’s the same male, but a different female. We’ll post more video when the third egg arrives. Until then enjoy the videos below.

Gecko delivery by the male screech owl on March 12, 2013

Interesting behavior observed before the second egg appears

Second egg of the 2013 season

Male brings the female owl a moth for a snack

Here’s male screech owl (red morph) perched within 10′ of the nest box.


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